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Portage Web Design develops websites with the end user at the forefront of our design.

All sites are built to be responsive and user friendly on any device your customers are using. Potential customers often leave websites when they have to zoom in to read text or have stretched or crunched images.

Many people build websites without the end user in mind. Everything displayed on web pages need to be self-evident to the user highlighting what they are searching for. Since users scan websites instead of reading lengthy pages, we focus on providing a visual path to get to their desired search results.

Below are a few usability principles Portage Web Design incorporates into each site we make. 

  • Know the primary objective end users want to do on your website and make those areas clear, self-evident and easy to use.
  • The website should immediately tell the user exactly what they want to know.
  • Reduce steps and clicks for end users when they are searching for their primary objective on websites.
  • Portage Web Design continuously tests it’s websites for usability and optimizes each site according to the analytical data reflected in our usability testing.

The primary objective of any website should be to get your message and service across clearly.

  • Decrease the amount of writing on your website. Get your point across in a concise way by omitting words. Doing this will make pages shorter allowing users to scan pages and content at a glance without scrolling. It makes the primary content of the site more prominent and it reduces confusion or noise on the website.
  • Don’t use mission statements or self promotion on home pages. Users are looking for you to solve their problem and it it is not the primary content when they come to a website they will likely hit the back button and find a different company to solve their problem.

All websites developed by Portage Web Design are not only optimized for the user, they are also developed, design and optimized with search engines in mind.

When users search the internet they will only see a few things about a page in the results: the title, the snippet, and the URL. The title and the URL have been chosen by the copy writer, but the search engine decides what is displayed. Through keyword research we are able to determine the exact words that people are using to search. The sites design at Portage Web Design are optimized to use those keywords to rank higher in search results.

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