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Website Simplicity is about User Control

Deciphering your users emotional needs can be complicated. Furthermore, it is made more difficult by the fact that people tend to be uncomfortable acknowledging the difference between user experience through website simplicity and the design of a website.

Fortunately, when websites are designed with the user in mind through website simplicity, the primary emotional need is for users to have a sense of control when navigating a page.

First of all, users want to naturally feel like they are in control of the technology being used.

Experts want to control and customize elements of the technology. Websites should take the mainstream user view of control when designing in order to be in control of the end results.

Mainstream users aren’t interested in how the software or technology works. They don’t want to be told what to do. Most importantly, mainstream users want control that is easy to use, reliable, and fast.

The main objective of a website is to enhance control for users while not impending on the sense of control the user experiences. Website simplicity creates an environment where users are confident is the decisions they are making. Website simplicity reassures users that the product or service a website offers will work in a predictable way.

Many times control is performing a task. Somebody purchasing a pair of shoes wants to be in control of how they looks. Other times it’s about obtaining information. People who watch the news wants to be informed on what is happening in the world. Which gives them a sense of control.

So What?

Start by focusing on the need of users to be in control of their actions, they look deeper by asking, “so what?’

Continuously asking the question “so what” will eventually spark an emotional need, a realistic need, and a solution. By asking “so what” will help to make it understandable for the user and the website design obstacle needing to be solved.

After you determine the needs of your websites users. You’ll know what motivates them. In conclusion you will have some of the most important insights into usability and website simplicity.

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Example of a usable website created by Portage Web Design: Peek Lawn Care

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