Identify Your Website Goals

Website goals measure your search marketing success

Maybe you are like most people who feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day details of achieving your website goals. Furthermore, your goals can be difficult to comprehend and implement due to time and cost. Regardless of your goals, driving traffic to your website from search engines requires considerate knowledge of search. Website goals measure the success of your search marketing.

Businesses who engage in search marketing without having an actual website typically drive customers to purchase through websites similar to eBay, Facebook or directory listings. Whatever website or platform works best for your customers, is where and what you need to base your social media and website goal on.

The purpose of having website goals all goes back to direct marketing. The objective is to get a response from a marketing message. Applying direct marketing techniques to your Internet Marketing will result in analytics on customers and passing your website goals. While only a small percentage of people will contribute to  your website goals, but that’s okay since it is very cost effective to have a website. The low costs to have a website your return on investment extremely high.

When a website is properly tested, alternate the content, navigation, marketing mix, and other factors that will drive traffic to your website and complete your goals. The core of how direct marketing techniques can be applied to Internet marketing, primarily through search marketing.

You likely have you one or more of these website goals:

  • Online Sales: Make money while you sleep! Customers purchase online and you deposit payments.
  • Offline Sales: Attract customers! Customers view your website then purchase in store or by phone.
  • Leads: Get found online! Customers research a problem online and leaves contact information.
  • Brand Awareness: Expose Your Business! Allow customers to learn about your companies services.
  • Information: Information is king! Engage your customers with knowledge, deals and entertainment.
  • Persuasion: Change a prospects mind! Help customers solve problems while influencing public opinion.

While these goals are significant, the main goal is to drive traffic from search engines to your website.

furthermore discuss and identify your website goals to unlock the value that your website has to offer.

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Joseph Storkson

Joseph Storkson is a Web Developer for Portage Web Design who previously worked as a Combat Cameraman for the United States Army for 9 years, Creative Director of a Billion dollar Software Company, and Social Media Influencer currently reaching an audience on average of 20 million people every month.