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Marketing is the key to online success

Marketing opportunities with Google and Facebook are well worth the research. We use collect data from these companies while maximizing advertising dollars. Portage Web Design targets specific people effectively by gathering data and retargeting advertisements. Which results in our clients getting a high return on their investment. We have increases traffic to websites by over 8,000% in 6 months.

If you want to convert your traffic into customers through marketing, the most effective way is through paid search marketing. This option gives businesses a way to purchase conversions (or revenue) at a cost-effective rate. Furthermore, paid search marketing delivers quantifiable results quickly. As a result of the analytics, your marketing campaigns will be adjusted to maximize your visibility.

At Portage Web Design, we use a quantitative approach to pay per click (PPC) marketing. Which also allows our team to deliver a positive return on investment to clients. Our goal in advertising is focused on ROI while our attention is on your conversions.

If you are looking to target specific market segment with specific ad content, social media is your medium of choice. We collect all the attributes of a user type while also building targeted audiences who will love your business.

Portage Web Design will provide years of insight and experience into the strengths of each social network suited for your business. We will also craft a plan that aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.

Most of all we would like to discuss your website and the opportunities we have to help grow your business.

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