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Get found with local search! Small local businesses of the past depended on local advertisements and word-of-mouth to be discovered by new customers. Since the rise of the digital age, though, the world has only gotten bigger, making small businesses only seem smaller. While the internet has brought the information age to its height, it also has a tendency to erase the existence of anyone, or anything not discoverable on the web.

So small businesses adapted. They took the Internet by storm, adding websites and social media pages to their marketing efforts. Still, these were often relegated to the backs of business cards and the bottoms of physical and digital ad space, which could rarely be guaranteed to reach only those who might find the information useful. But now it’s possible to bring the local crowd to your local business – using local search.

Many small businesses have begun to depend on local search in order to be discovered by potential online customers and clients. Using different directories, users are able to use search engines like those embedded in Yelp or Foursquare to find local business listings within a certain geographical area. Google Local Search does much of the same thing for users, by calling up results that are relevant to their location based on their IP address or the information they input into the search engine. This way, the customers you’re most interested in bringing into your brick-and-mortar business – those who are local and need your services and products – can find it by themselves, without having to stumble into it by chance.

So, is your business discoverable? How do you know that users can find you, based on your proximity to them? How do you make sure your site adheres to local search engine optimization, so that your website is deemed relevant to users’ searches?

Portage Web Design is here to help you find out.

We handle search engine optimization at all levels – including local. We can make sure your small business gets big results, and your local franchises reach out to the right customers. Not only will we make you discoverable, we can help you become the first result of the searches your potential customers and clients make. By implementing search engine optimization into your website and social media for your location, we’ll give you the edge that you need in an ever-growing competitive world. We help our clients achieve trend setters in their industry. Portage Web Design has the tools and the team, to enhance your business and meet your local search needs.

To Summarize:

Local businesses are the lifeblood of communities. They’re what makes a place unique in an increasingly homogenous world. You can make a choice: your business site can disappear into the ether of the internet, or you can depend on Outsmart Labs to make sure you’re always at the center of everyone’s local search. Contact Portage Web Design for all your Local Search needs today!

Although we are located in Portage, WI, we service small businesses throughout the United States.

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