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Take advantage of amazing data with Facebook marketing

Practically everyone has posted and shared something on Facebook. A good Facebook marketing campaign focuses on reaching people through the treasure trove of data left behind by users. While small business owners are skeptical using other social media platforms for marketing, Facebook is a considered to be a trusted and effective marketing tool. This isn’t because Facebook is the most user-friendly social media site. Instead users trust it since they are familiar with the interface and it is where all their friends and family have gathered along with another 2.2 billion active monthly users. Familiarity brings comfort to users. Over 1.4 billion people log into Facebook daily and 5 new Facebook pages are created every second.

Facebook Marketing remains social media king

The majority of businesses still haven’t taken advantage of the fantastic insights Facebook offers into people’s everyday lives. Which has consequently changed our culture as much as any other cultural influencer. The insights and analytics available on Facebook allow marketers to dig deep into individual hobbies, interests, groups, education, income, and so on to micro target potential customers. In return, higher returns are seen by businesses when they take the time to apply proper techniques through Facebook Ad Manager.

Take a moment to consider why people go to Facebook. To connect with people they wouldn’t other wise see, to share information about themselves and their interests, to socialize, to see what other people are doing, updates from pages and groups, newsfeeds, or they are simply bored.

Facebook wants users to post content that is relevant, easy to read, engaging, useful, and emotion stirring. Which means Facebook bots collect data on these actions. Posting quality content that is engaging and new is essential.

Businesses spent over $33.76 billion in advertising on Facebook in 2017. All because it is exceptional tool to reach precise demographics and psychographics.

The process isn’t rocket science but it is time consuming for business to maintain. On the other hand it is usually not cost effective for small businesses to hire an employee for the task. Focus on what you do best. Hire a social media marketer experienced in Facebook marketing. Look for a marketer who will produce content for your page and help manage advertising. Did I mention Facebook has a very high return on investment?

In conclusion, Facebook Marketing is an effective way for small businesses by targeting specific characteristics of customers.

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